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Active Odour Filter

Active Odour Filter

This filters the circulated cool air inside the refrigerator and eliminates unwanted odours and bacteria to help keep the food inside fresh.

A+ Energy Efficiency

A+ Energy Efficiency

A+ product consumes up to 20% less energy than an identical A product.

General Features
Antibacterial Gasket Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Antibacterial odour filter Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Door Color (RF) Bilgi Antifinger I-x - I-X430 Bilgi
Cooling System Type Bilgi - Frost Bilgi
Automatic Ice Machine Bilgi Automatic Ice Machine with Tap Water Connection - with Water Dispenser Bilgi
Water Filter Bilgi Inline Bilgi
Water Dispenser Bilgi Automatic Inside Bilgi
Illumi-tion Type Bilgi LED on Side Walls Bilgi
Energy Class (RF) Bilgi A+ Bilgi
Freezer compartment illumi-tion Bilgi Inside Bilgi
Number of freezer drawer Bilgi 3 Bilgi
Blue Light Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Number of Crisper Bilgi 2 Bilgi
Ionizer Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Daily Energy Consumption at 25°C(kwh/24h) Bilgi 1.093 Bilgi
Ice Maker Type Bilgi Icebox Bilgi
Daily Freezing Capacity (kg) Bilgi 8 Bilgi
Daily Ice Making Capacity (kg) Bilgi 2 Bilgi
Freezer Compartment Net Volume (lt) Bilgi 73 Bilgi
Fresh food compartment net volume (lt) Bilgi 446 Bilgi
Noise Level (dbA) Bilgi 43 Bilgi
Special Crisper Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Temperature Rise Time (Hour) Bilgi 15 Bilgi
Total Gross Volume (Requested by Customer) Bilgi 626 Bilgi
Electronic Display Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Charge (kg) Bilgi 0.077 Bilgi
Sabbath Mode Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Frost Free Wine Storage Compartment Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Control System (RF) Bilgi Electronic Bilgi
0°C Compartment Bilgi Yes Bilgi
0°C Compartment Net Volume Bilgi 30 Bilgi
Annual Energy Consumption at 25°C(kwh/year) Bilgi 399 Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked Bilgi 75.8 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked Bilgi 90.8 cm Bilgi
Height - Unpacked Bilgi 179.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 135.0 kg Bilgi
Construction type of product (RF) Bilgi Freestanding Bilgi
Freezer Position Bilgi Freezer Bottom Bilgi
Multi Purpose Compartment (2nd Layer Crisper) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
TPK Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Fan in Ice Machine Bilgi No Bilgi
Min. Ambient Tempertaure Req-d For Satisfactory Operation(°c) Bilgi -5 Bilgi
Active Dual Cooling Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Storage Box under Door Rack Bilgi Not Applicable Bilgi
Cabinet code Bilgi G91625NE Bilgi
Cabinet shelf type Bilgi Glass Bilgi
Moving Adjustable Door Rack Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Inverter Compressor Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Turbo Ice Maker Bilgi Yes Bilgi